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Donations - Financial contributions


Open Door Animal Sanctuary is funded entirely from donations.

We and our animals depend completely on the generosity of the compassionate people who donate money and goods/services to help us save and improve the lives of animals. 

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Financial Contributions

Shelter Supply Contributions

Vehicle Donations

Financial contributions are a vital ingredient to running any non-profit organization.  Open Door Animal Sanctuary is no exception. We are constantly in the process of writing grants, and seeking corporate sponsorships as well as soliciting individual donations.  All Donations are tax deductible!

Golden Paw Donation - This helps us take care of ONE homeless animal for one year.

Silver Paw Donation - Allows us to buy food for our animals for one month $500.00
Bronze Paw Donation - This helps us buy cat litter for one month. $250.00
Building Fund Donation - Helps us keep up on our building repairs and remodeling. Your choice
All Family Donation $100.00
Single Membership $30.00
Senior Citizen Membership $20.00
"400" Club Monthly Membership - 400 Members give $10.00 per month to pay our utilities. $10.00
Pet Pals Monthly Membership - This sponsors one pet year-round to be your "Pal" with a $10.00 monthly donation. $10.00


You can choose from several options when giving a financial contribution:

You can donate just by shopping online thru one of our Affiliate Partners; ODAS receives a percentage of your purchase.

For your convience we now accept donations online thru

One time donations can be made with or without Paypal Account by using

Click an option below to make a one time donation.

Click an option below to make an automatic monthly donation

To financial contribution to ODAS thru paypal, please use the buttons above or the email address
To otherwise make a financial contribution, please contact us at

FYI Paypal does charge a nominal fee for their services, for larger donations a check mailed to the shelter would be preferable.

Our mailing address: P.O. Box 870, House Springs, MO 63051


You can also contribute to ODAS by shopping online through!  Just click the image to the right to get's easy!


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